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Tom Wyman Designs

Logo, Stationery, & Website Branding

Tom Wyman Designs (TWD) is a set design company based in New York, NY, specializing in prop styling, set dressing and interior decoration; a small creative start-up. I helped develop their brand and give them a sophisticated edge for a competitive field with fastidious clients.

TWD reached out to me for help with branding and graphic design in early 2015, and after gaining an understanding of the personality of the brand, I was able to produce a sharp, minimal and masculine identity for them.

I delivered printer-ready files for the stationery set, as well as formatted, editable Word documents for ease of use. Letterhead and business cards (front and back) are pictured at the right, alternative logo formats below.

Logo, Stationery:
Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop


TWD Website

The website design for TWD is simple with an emphasis on its fresh, interactive functionality. Repeated square/rectangular sections mimic visual elements present throughout the rest of the brand identity.

Mission & Outreach Campaigns

Episcopal Diocese Of Virginia

After reorganizing and refreshing their vision, the Mission & Outreach branch of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia (EDV) needed new and relevant branding. I helped identify a versatile solution to highlight the three independent aspects of their outreach efforts. After the update, the EDV came to me for several additional campaigns in need of a creative refresh, the aim of which being to create a more youthful look that would still appeal to a dominantly mature audience.


BARRELHOUSE-transparent-web (1).png



Barrelhouse is an alternative blues band native to Richmond, Virginia. After recording their first studio album, this logo was commissioned and adapted into cover art for their album.

Connect & Accelerate

Internship / Externship Recruiting Campaigns

Cherry Bekaert's external recruiting efforts needed an update after the firm underwent a rebranding and needed a more youthful appeal, targeting an audience of mainly college undergraduates.

These Internship and Externship programs, Connect and Accelerate, were refreshed and the new annually updated campaigns used on branded recruiting pieces. The playful spirit of the campaign plays well with the materials they show up on—paperboard coasters featuring with cheeky puns mixed with information about the firm useful to college recruits, campus giveaways, welcome gifts with gift tags, as well as postcards that offer a chance for students/potential applicants to win prizes.


MyFIT Health Campaign

Cherry Bekaert LLP

Cherry Bekaert's internal benefits department needed an identity for a new campaign promoting a healthy, active lifestyle for its professionals. Collateral for this campaign included brochures, posters, and incentive pieces, as well as several digital billboard images, emailers, and moving graphics. 

Thanks to a good sense of humor within the firm, on April Fool's Day a couple of colleagues and I replace billboard images on the company intranet with similar silly messages, such as the one below. 


International Bakery

Indentity System Concept

Doughnation is a bakery and cafe concept. Affiliated with service projects in underprivileged communities abroad, the cafe features in international specialties and unique recipes supplied by the communities being served. Day-to-day operations are performed by volunteers, often high school students and young adults benefiting from the work experience to put on resumes and college applications. Cafe profits that are saved through volunteer hours support the projects of partner organizations in communities abroad.

The bakery's eat-in area serves as a meeting place for those interested in getting involved in related causes, as well as a venue for community events. 


Menus & Direct Mailers

Each menu highlights recipes from different geographic regions. To the right is an example of an invitation to a community bake-off event, a wooden spoon and recipe card attached to a small tag providing information and details about the event.


Package Designs

At right is the minimalistic package design for baked goods—branded sandwich paper with canvas wrapping, tied with string or twine—and identifying tags that highlight info about the region where the recipe originated. At right are to-go cups, different sizes featuring different projects supported by the proceeds of the bakery.

– end identity & branding work –

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Afrikana Independent Film Festival

After working with Afrikana Independent Film Festival (AIFF) for a couple of years in a volunteer capacity, I sat down with festival founder Enjoli Moon in April 2017 to discuss the second annual festival and the organization's web presence. Together, we composed a structure and strategy for a new website, then I designed and created an extensive site that properly highlights the brilliance of the films, artists, and culture that AIFF brings to its events.  

Wix, Adobe CC: Photoshop


HOME PAGE (left)

AIFF's site incorporates many moving design elements to complement the action of motion picture films. The bright colors present on the site are a nod to the original site design for the organization, as well as the bold and vivid talents the organization presents on the big screen. 


full festival lineup


Spotlight film & panel


Tom Wyman Designs

Tom Wyman approached me to create a brand for his set design company in January 2015. After discussing stylistic preferences and getting information about the experience and direction of the company, I designed a logo, stationery set, and website for Tom Wyman Designs.

Squarespace, Adobe CS6: Photoshop, Dreamweaver



On the dynamic homepage, a mouse rollover on any image will reveal the name of the company and specific shoot for which TWD designed the set, then images link to Project Pages (samples below) detailing the shoot and set. Footer navigation and social links are activated and become visible with a hover, as well.


About & Contact Pages

I drafted and edited content for the "About" section from information sent to me when initially pitching the project, and collaborated with TWD to finalize the voice.


Project Pages

Information about the shoot (photographer, model, and artist credits) and set design information line the left side, and high-quality photos drop to the right. Information in the left column floats with the images as one scrolls down. The arrows at the top right also navigate to the next project page.


Email Marketing

Email template designs need to be malleable—ready to be update in a moment's notice and quickly sent to hundreds/thousands of subscribers. Templates are designed for ease of use, with the aim to hold the viewer's attention, and make it to inboxes without getting trapped in spam filters.

TEDxRVA Email Templates

Cherry Bekaert Email Templates

emPivot Newsletters

Designed for an environmentally-focused strategic marketing firm. Pictured are the eNewsletters for June and July, 2009.

Constant Contact, Adobe CS3: Flash, Photoshop

Banners & Billboards

Banner & Body Ads

Designed for publications such as FedBiz Daily, Richmond BizSense, or the Washington Business Journal.

Adobe CS6: Photoshop

Billboard Images

Each of the following images were created for Cherry Bekaert's intranet, where 1000+ employees go to get news. These rotating images, linking to a different news pages, are viewed at full size seen at right. 

Microsoft SharePoint,
Adobe CS6: Photoshop

Social Media Billboards

Twitter Banner | Adobe CS6: Photoshop

– end digital work –

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Booklets, Brochures, & Spreads


Booklet Case Study

Nintendo Annual
Report Concept

Original artwork, design and layout, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator

  • Cover & Back
  • Opening Spread
  • Table of Contents (TOC)
  • Mission Statement
  • CEO's Message
  • Financial TOC
  • Financials
  • Chart/Graph Styling
  • Back Spread

Posters & Large Format

Poster Design

Below posters are designed in scales ranging from 11x17" to 18x24". 

Large Format

Below is an example of event signage for the Agile Workplace Conference in 2015, including custom high-resolution graphics incorporated with the branding of the event's hosting sponsor, AgilQuest. 


Miscellaneous Print Design

Book covers, product packaging, unusual direct mail pieces, postcards, gift tags, etc.

– end print work –

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Full Rebrand Case Study

Cherry Bekaert LLP

On January 1, 2013, Cherry, Bekaert & Holland, L.L.P., underwent a full rebranding, becoming Cherry Bekaert LLP. As a creative designer with the firm's small internal marketing and design team I had an integral role in the new brand's design direction, creation and implementation across the firm. 

Sell sheets, pocket folders and stationery sets were among the first items to take on the identity, helping to form the personality of the new brand; a clean, fresh design with minimal embellishments and paired down content. These changes allowed content to be concise, while emanating professional and personable.




This education industry pitch-book design (right) incorporates information regarding all of Cherry Bekaert's services within the education industry. As part of the rebrand initiative, all industry and service group pitch-books were updated in the firm's new image. After revising content, a standard template was developed for use across multiple industries.

Due to budgetary constraints, the design team's ability to license new images was minuscule, but we were able to creatively recycle previously used and licensed images in new ways to fit the updated format.


Rebranded Web Ads

Examples of a redesigned online ad campaign.


Signage & Office Items

Indoor and outdoor signage, promotional items, office supplies, and nonpromotional branded pieces were considered and selected within a limited budget to promote the new brand. 


IT Welcome Package

This welcome card, envelope, wallet card and laptop sticker were designed to provide instruction for newly hired employees on how to contact IT support.


Internal Branding

Internally branded pieces, such as the Tax Credit Review FAQ sheet at right, are created in a landscape orientation to immediately differentiate them from items that are to be viewed externally, typically portrait-oriented .

For consistency, I designed internal branding to reflect the same design elements (colors, curves, copy heirarchy styles, etc) as external items. This is done to help train the eyes of professional services employees, so they will be able to naturally identify pieces that are lacking firm branding or are branded incorrectly.


Branding for Recruiting

I took on rebranding the firm's recruiting efforts as a special project for Cherry Bekaert's marketing department. As the first branded recruiting piece, I designed paperboard coasters as free handouts/giveaway items, which included information frequently requested from recruits (firm locations, service and industry specializations, continuing education support, and highlights of working with Cherry Bekaert), with some humor and disarming elements peppered in.


Internship Program Branding

Connect14 is the name given to the Cherry Bekaert student internship program, and Accelerate14 is the post-college externship program. Each year the date is updated for the current intern class.

Intern Gifts & Gift Tags

Each year, a product (manufactured by one of our clients) is developed as a giveaway to internship participants, accompanied by a tag featuring information about the firm's relationship with the client.


Campus Postcard Handouts

These college-focused campus recruiting pieces include information about internship programs and opportunities, instructions on how to apply, as well as a website word hunt, based on information found on Cherry Bekaert's website. Answers could be entered online to win prizes.


– end Cherry Bekaert Case Study –