Hi, I'm Jana.

I play hard, work smart, and mix the two wherever it makes sense. I volunteer with community organizations. I eat fresh seafood as often as I can afford to. I enjoy an IPA, Sauvignon Blanc, or bourbon. Sometimes I go running for a long time. If we should have the opportunity to meet in person, first please allow me to remove my earbuds—I probably can't hear you over the music/podcast.

I also received a BFA for my studies in Graphic Design through a competitive design program at James Madison University, and have been working as part of an in-house design team full time and freelance designer for the better half of the last decade.

Design is about conceptualizing and problem solving; an artist leads the viewer to think, while a designer makes it so the viewer doesn't have to think. My purpose as a designer is to create work that stimulates the viewer, and communicates an idea in the most effective way. I am continually being inspired and evolving my style and abilities.

I was born with more than my share of wanderlust, and I continue to feed it with frequent travel. If ever I'm not listening to music—Radiohead or Robert Randolph or Regina Spektor—I'm probably making my own, likely on guitar, piano, or hairbrush-mic. 

Antoni Gaudi • Alphonse Mucha • Candy Chang • Jonathon Ive • Zaha Hadid • Paul Rand • Saul Bass • Jan Lenica • Julian Opie • El Lissitzky • Sol Lewitt • Koloman Moser • John Foster • ...that's a good start.


(Thanks, Courtney, for letting me borrow your pooch while you're out of town—Spencer, who's a good boy?!?)