My best new habit

A rainbow over the Rainbow Bridge from New York to Canada at Niagara Falls

Today I'm excited to share my very favorite list! I posted a few weeks ago about having made time to try something new about once a week over the course of the past year. I still do it, actively seeking out new things, trying to engage with open-mindedness and experience, and it has become one of my best habits. What I'm sharing isn't comprehensive (I'm not yet willing to give away all of my secrets) but in case anyone else is interested in giving it a shot I thought I'd share some of the activities I made notes of during the last 14-ish months... who doesn't love a good list?

Here are 52 things I did for the first time. I didn't really make a plan, just the one rule: that I should fully embrace whatever new thing I was trying, enjoy it and learn from it. Here's where I started:


  1. Drive to Canada 
  2. Don a poncho and ride on the Maid of the Mist
  3. Listen to chocolate (in a tasting experience at Hershey chocolate factory)

    NOVEMBER 2016
  4. Vote for a female to be POTUS
  5. Get laser hair removal (Note: Apparently it’s worthless on light-haired natural blondes. Don’t waste your money.
  6. Climb a fire escape onto a random building roof downtown

    DECEMBER 2016
  7. Develop a communications team (for Communications Lead role in TEDxRVA)

    JANUARY 2017
  8. Yoga Nidra Meditation Class (Project Yoga Richmond)
  9. Protest to advocate for women's equality and civil rights
  10. Meet with and manage an intern

    FEBRUARY 2017
  11. Create a 9-foot mural with chalk
  12. Knit a hat for a friend
  13. Meet Angela Davis
  14. Take a Pound Class

    MARCH 2017
  15. Drink dandelion tea
  16. Run sound/production for an Open Mic Night
  17. Participate in a neighborhood scavenger hunt/bar crawl (Ravenchase)

    APRIL 2017
  18. Bike ride on the Capital Trail
  19. "Read" an audiobook
  20. Play a pickup basketball game with friendly strangers
  21. Join a Breakaway RVA bike ride
  22. Stencil-tag posters (thanks to Spencer at Triple Stamp Press)

    MAY 2017
  23. Don't drink for a month (well, minus one day...)
  24. Travel for a professional photography assignment
  25. Eat Poke
  26. Scream into the Grand Canyon
  27. Bathe under a waterfall within a cave

    JUNE 2017
  28. Go to a burlesque show
  29. Host a Screen-Printing workshop
  30. Be on a radio show
  31. Stifle a social media PR [non]crisis
  32. Buy / set up / sit in my own hammock

    JULY 2017
  33. Design the website for a multi-day film festival
  34. Have a photograph I took published in the Huffington Post
  35. Explore Sensory Deprivation in a Float Tank (Float Zone, RVA)

    AUGUST 2017
  36. Play Dungeons & Dragons
  37. Drink wine on the roof of a house made of straw 
  38. Surf on the East Coast AND the West Coast within 3 days
  39. Play (and win!) a "Beer-iocart" tournament (Surfside Venice Bar, Venice Beach, CA)
  40. Be a Lyft Driver
  41. Host a stop in a Progressive Dinner

    SEPTEMBER 2017
  42. Turn down a serious pitch for a pyramid scheme
  43. Run a Half Marathon (Rock and Roll, Virginia Beach)
  44. Design the program for a multi-day film festival
  45. Eat something with gold flakes (Chairlift at Brenner Pass, hazelnut tart pastry

    OCTOBER 2017
  46. Pick fruit in an Orchard (Carter Mtn Apples)
  47. Conquer a corn maze (Maize Quest, Mt Jackson, VA)

    NOVEMBER 2017
  48. Canvass neighborhoods for Get Out the Vote (yea Ralph Northam!)
  49. Try a sandwich I've never had (my first Cuban from Kuba Kuba was GREAT)
  50. Meditate at a sound concert (Lucid Living RVA)

    DECEMBER 2017
  51. Decide to take the time to rescue a cat from a tree (Paco the cat is now safe!)
  52. Have a photo I took published in a largely distributed print publication

Niagara Falls, New York and Horseshoe Falls, Canada

Women's March on Washington

Angela Davis in the green room after an Evening with an Icon event

Chatting through clues on our hunt around the Fan with Ravenchase

Following Ashley on a Breakaway RVA ride

Stencil Tag setup

Ozarks National Forest, AR

My hammock!

Venice Beach surfing

Playing D&D

Post-Race Celebration with Lani

Maize Quest, Mt. Jackson, VA

The list is still growing, but I that's a solid sample. If you're looking for a new habit to kick off the new year, I highly recommend this. Happy 2018!